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Thread: Unfair mutes

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    I want to tell about a problem. I like to talk while the match, its not a problem, as for me discuss with other people is the same part of the game as lasthits. And i play alot, trying about 10 matches per day. BUT.
    I have a problem with mute system. Sometimes when i point people on their game in careful manner, i usually get flamed, then reported. Several first games in a week are ok, because i can report a person that can't control his language. But then the only thing i can do is gather reports throught other games, aand i get muted. I play other games when i am muted and the last one was 156h. I donted about 30$ in dota for the last 3 months but I will have to find another game to play if i get another one as long.
    Dev of dota 2, help and add some system of language control that will catch rude words but not blind reports, or add more reports if a person plays lots of games. It is a real pain in the ass that doesnt give a chance to enjoy a game. Place where anyone can mute everyone for nothing is not the place you wish to find yourself in.

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    Last time I got muted for 150 hours because I didn't leave a 5vs1 game @_@
    Well, since I play dota, I don't have to leave just because the game is over
    Or I have to?
    Even the "all chat" I used, and the enemy team could report me for communication abuse LOL
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    I am so pissed right now. My teammates dont know when to gather and i cant even tell them what to do!!! I am not spending a fucking coin on this game anymore. Bullshit developers, eat your own shit, we always can play dota 1, at least there are all heroes you can't add.

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    Disband the system volvo

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