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Thread: Need help - normal/color map not appearing in preview

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    Need help - normal/color map not appearing in preview

    Hi, I'm having an import issue for the submitted items. When I import a model (in this case a Drow bow) the model imports correctly, but the color and normal maps do not appear. I suspect it is due to how I mirrored the UVs so that I could overlap baked UV data. However I have imported at least 2 other items where mirroring was not an issue.

    Have attached a screenshot of the problem.

    The only error I get is something to do with there being too many skin weights (more than 3) on each vertex. However importing an unrigged bow removes this error, and does not solve the color/normal map problem. The bow still remains bare. Animations work even with the error anyway.

    Not had this problem with any of the other submitted items (there are 3 others) in the screenshot, so i'm at a loss as to what might be causing it. Have rerigged, and reUVed my model at this point, but the problem does not go away. Any help would be appreciated!


    My bad, figured out the problem. Wasn't a problem with the importing process. There was a second empty UV set in the bow model. Should have checked in Maya before importing.
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