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Thread: Customizable icons and map

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    Question [Suggestion] Customizable icons and map

    Now, perhaps this has been suggested before, if so I am sorry for posting it again.

    What I believe is that people would really like to have custom icons for their favorite heroes, thus I think that there should be an in-game option to change the respective icons.

    I have heard that this is already available by editing the icons in the game files. However, I think that it would be nice to have an actual in-game support for this feature (same goes for the map).

    Alternately, the icons could become commercial items sold in the steam store, for a very small price since the economy is already going nuts over the other items. Not to mention that this way we could have Valve’s support for new icons and workshop.

    The second suggestion is to have an in-game implementation of what used to be the DotA Theme Manager (over in WC3) with the maps already released being free and usable anytime (Diretide and Frostivus) along with all other event maps. During the events, this feature should be locked (the player cannot change maps), since it is important to maintain the atmosphere even if the player does not like it (in my opinion).

    Also, custom maps could be available in workshop and the steam store.
    I am sorry if either my formatting or my English is bad. I am not used to forum talk, but I really think this idea would be beneficial to the overall Dota 2 experience.

    Thank you for reading and please post your opinions., it would be very helpful. ^_^
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