Here I need some help here for my trade inventory issue.

My inventory back pack got some issue with my trade inventory
Here my trade box inventory.
The first item is DK Bracer to that Axe Blink Dagger (1st page) maybe the cause of the issue.
I can't rearrange them
Here the proof from my game back pack *last all item I have*
And from that back pack I got a Pyre "Doom's Blade" (in the right of Huskar Helm) and Helm of Thunderwrath's Calling "Omniknight's Helm" (in the right of DK Helm) in my 1st Back Pack inventory.
But in trade inventory box I don't have it. I got them after I take that issue item. (DK Bracer up to Axe's Blink Dagger in 1st page).
Here the screenshot from trade Inventory that my Doom and Omni item are gone (in trade Inventory)