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Thread: Io abuse causes unavoidable abandon

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    Io abuse causes unavoidable abandon

    In game as gyro and Io TP's me to the bottom right hand corner of the map and then again to literally "Off" the map. They then feed the courier so I can't TP out. I get an abandon because I'm not receiving any XP and reported because they tell the other team that I'm AFK. Io, Kotl and Treant are in a group with the sole intention of abuse.

    Now I'm in low priority and it's greeeeeeeeaaaaaat!

    After checking Io's account, I've noticed that its all that it is being used for.

    Match ID: 228368024

    It happens at about half way through the game. I'd give you an exact time but the replay is currently down.

    How do I get in contact with a Mod who can override my Low Priority status? I'm not receiving any of the battle bonus I have paid for.

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    You don't, no punishments will be removed during the beta phase.

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    somewhat relevant even though it is another gyro. He also received abandonment because he couldn't get any xp because of wisp.
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    A lot of people don't know this but you can disable help in the top of the screen. So wisp can't link to you and treant cant heal you, that sort of thing.

    Can be useful in a situation like this.

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    AFAIK treant still can heal you. Disable help only disables questionable helps like relocate and recall, but not absolute helps like heal.

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