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Thread: Game wants me to pick Phantom Lancer everytime

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    It's the same for TA, I played her a bit tonight and got an other hero instead of TA after the first game, this doesn't happen when I play invoker...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThoAppelsin View Post
    I don't understand why people had been so harsh while replying in this thread
    He didn't use a universal definition for his report, stressed that he strictly picks OD once again, and maybe this was a little silly an annoying way to report a bug; but didn't require the responses to be at the same level

    Whatever, this truly is a bug that I had recognized long ago
    right now, after having remembered this thread, I tested this to find a pattern
    I have found one right now, and what the fuck is this

    > Give a number to every hero from Abaddon (1) to Zeus (idk)
    > Mark the heroes that fulfill the following condition: #nr == 1 + 15k where k is an integer
    > Abaddon (1) is one of those, then Chen (16) is, then Void (31), ..., then Tusk (idk) (you can find these out by starting off from Abaddon, and clicking the next card while counting up to 15 from the inside or outside however you prefer that)
    > the 7 heroes on the both sides of these marked ones... think of them as if they are owned by the marked hero
    > whenever you pick a hero that was owned by a marked hero, you end up seeing that hero as your predefined selection on your next game
    > whenever you pick one of the marked heroes, you see that hero as your predefined selection on your next game << this is expected, and I'd call this as the correct behaviour

    It is silly

    you may also think it like the whole list of heroes like long paper strap
    then you make hills and pits from that long strap of paper by folding it zig-and-zag

    Abaddon (1) is located at the middle of the first pit,
    the first hill is empty, and on its both sides there are the Beastmaster (8) and the Bloodseeker (9),
    Chen (16) is located at the middle of the second pit, and so on

    Whenever you pick a hero, you end up slipping down to the nearest pit, and see that hero on your next game as your predefined selection

    silly... but who cares, good that it has been brought up though
    This "Law" was violated once,
    I played with Sky Wrath Mage, and he was the default, everygame until I turned Dota2 Off. Usually I get Shadow fiend when I select Skywrath, but that time I played it was Sky himself. (as I said, for few more games until I turned dota of)

    Could your expirement be modified to enlight us more?

    Thank You!

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    To Dota2Critic,

    Sorry, I have no means of testing that, that I do not have Dota 2 installed anymore. Even if I did have it installed, my current machine wouldn't probably be able to run it. And even if it was able to, I am not as inclined to get bothered about this game anymore.

    That post of mine is more than a year old. Several updates must have happened ever since. They could have corrected the behaviour ever since, partially or completely. Even if they did nothing at all about this behaviour, the changes they had made over other components of the game could have affected this behaviour, for example the addition of new although a few heroes.

    What I had been doing back then did not require any specific skill. Maybe just a little patience, if that's even worth mentioning as a skill. Anybody who cares enough much can simply just skim through the heroes, pick one, quit from that game, start a new one, see what's being offered. Pencil and paper helps as always; take notes of which hero is being mapped to which.

    But why bother trying to find that out anyway? Dota 2 doesn't remember the hero I had last picked should be enough, if true. As long as it does something else than that although the previous hero is available in the hero pool currently being offered to you, then it is a misbehaviour. The logic behind the current behaviour doesn't matter. I had found that out back then just because I was a retarded fuck.

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    I've been getting this bug a lot lately. If I just played Riki, the game wants me to play Pugna next.
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