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Thread: [Confirmed] Jakiro's Ice Path's width is wrong

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    [Confirmed] Jakiro's Ice Path's width is wrong

    Ice Path
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    Last edited by bu3ny; 10-13-2015 at 04:47 AM. Reason: separating width difference with starting position offset
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    The entire ice path is off by exactly 11 distance. It starts at Jakiro's position + 11, instead of at Jakiro's position. Kinda strange, considering it is done correct for other similar spells.

    Its length is 1200 and width is 150. It can hit enemies 139 behind Jakiro upon. One would expect it to be 150 behind him due to the 150 radius. Same story at the front end. 1200 length + 150 width would be a max range of 1350, but it is 1361.

    The width difference is another story.
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