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Thread: Please Valve Dev Admin Listen to this. Fair compromise to the mute system.

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    Please Valve Dev Admin Listen to this. Fair compromise to the mute system.

    I understand the reason you have for doing this mute report system but it is just ruining the game now. I rather have trashtalker than a whole team that cant say anything or tell me key information like roshan spawn or so and so just used ult or lets smoke gank. I am willing to bet and you can check your stats that most of the reports were given by the other team in regards to an all chat trashtalking.

    A fair compromise to the system would be that muted players are only muted in all chat. Players no matter how bad needs to be able to talk to their team in order to play the game. This is not a solo rpg game that u can just muted people it is a team game where talking to each other is the key to winning a game. If you mute players from talking to their own teammates how is this game going to function?

    Please listen to this honest feedback and improve the mute system.

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    Will someone please tell me where the **** is the oficiall ****** respond?

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    Say no to silient gaming...

    I didn't chose to mute the 3 guys on my team that a carrying the mute tag.

    Gaming has a culture, in all team games there will be some bickering between team mates.

    And since the days of cs 1.6 and probably before the in game manual mute function worked fine.

    This game is to hard for casual eccentrics, they will continue to play world of tanks....

    You loose nothing keeping the current community happy. In fact you gain!

    I'm sure muted will find it very hard to purchase in game items when the muted. Its a ethical decision to decline.

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    How about this: NO COMPROMISE!
    remove any communication reports and go back to having a mute button

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