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Thread: [Confirmed] Necrolyte ultimate stun cannot be removed by specific purges

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    [Confirmed] Necrolyte ultimate stun cannot be removed by specific purges

    Sadly, the one bug in the last patch that was reported on the critical forum was not fixed. Necrolyte ultimate was changed to not be dispellable anymore, which is the intended way, it should not be purged by normal purges like Repel or Diffusal Blade.

    However it should be removed by specific purges, which are the special triggered ones that remove more stuff than usual, like Slark's Dark Pact, Tidehunter's Kraken Shell. Also in the future Abaddon's Apothic Shield and maybe Borrowed Time and such but we'll get to that when he's released I guess.

    So bug, Pick Slark and Necrolyte, queue movement on Slark, use Reaper's Scythe necro ulti on Slark and use Dark Pact before it hits.

    Expected result from dota1: Dark Pact removes the stun of Reaper's Scythe. The damage is still applied at the intended time.

    Current result in dota2: Dark Pact doesn't remove the stun.

    List of spells which should debuff the stun:

    Dark Pact
    Kraken Shell
    Aphotic Shield
    Borrowed Time
    Press The Attack
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    The damage is applied at 1.5 seconds, not the end of the stun :P (sorry but slightly ambiguous)
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    added to sticky.
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