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Thread: Please help, need a verified account Nexon (kr)

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishfro View Post
    Hey i'm in the same boat, but i made a nexon account, it says i need a beta key, when I went to a pc bong and tried logging in. I have an alien card because i'll be here for a year.
    so did you add me or what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choi9123 View Post
    so did you add me or what.
    I want a beta key - hope you still have some keys left .


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    Hey Guys i need your help!

    i wanted to make a nexon account but they want your phone number , the problem is im not korean. can anyone send me their log in datas to buy those cool nexon treasures ? or can we just trade them ?
    that would be rly nice!

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    Hi guys i wanted to play on the Nexon server i have an Nexon account but dont now how to verify them.
    I am not korean but want really some items from the Nexon server please can you help meee PM me please TY

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