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Thread: [Confirmed] Rubick Steal Chakram, Permanent Visual on Map

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    [Confirmed] Rubick Steal Chakram, Permanent Visual on Map

    I don't know how it happened but playing as Rubick, stole Chakram, and it visually stayed on the map for the rest of the game. It did no damage, was not costing any mana, and no real effects to anything except visual. It just spun in one area for the whole game. It was right in front of Radiant bot tier 1 tower. It was alos in the fog of war for Rubick, so only revealed by other things. It was seen by both teams as confirmed when I asked. Sorry I couldn't find a screenshot of it or anything.

    1. Pick Rubick and create enemy Timbersaw
    2. Level both to 6 and learn the ults
    3. Make Timbersaw cast Chakram
    4. Spell Steal his Chakram
    5. Use another spell with Timbersaw
    6. Spell Steal the other spell (Chakram must not be cast!)

    Result: Upon losing the Chakram spell, it leaves a permanent Chakram at Rubicks location.

    Expected: No Chakram is left behind upon losing the spell

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    it is a visual bug and i encountered it once aswell. back then it had to do something with the subability 'return chakram'
    was too lazy to report that shit when i did some testings with subabilities and rubick's spell steal

    the spenps then were

    1. cast chakram
    2. use timberchain/whirling death
    3. return chakram
    4. spell steal
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    added to sticky.
    should chakram return to rubick (and deal damage) when stealing a different spell or just disappear?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    added to sticky.
    should chakram return to rubick (and deal damage) when stealing a different spell or just disappear?
    It should simply disappear. It's almost working correctly in Dota2. The Chakram instantly moves to Rubick and disappears. Means it can damage and slow enemies for one instance when they are close enough to Rubick.
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    Just adding my own occurrence of this bug to the thread if it helps: Match ID:306862843 - 14:38
    (edited for ID copy paste fail)
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