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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Safety function for your inventory

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    [SUGGESTION] Safety function for your inventory

    I'm sure everyone has at least a few valuable items in their inventory,
    and that they would feel bad if those items got deleted.
    I'm often browsing through my inventory and I noticed how easy it is
    to actually delete items, no matter how rare or valuable they might be.
    I've also been watching some videos where these virtual possessions
    got deleted (either by the owner or someone else) and couldn't help but
    think it would be nice to have a safeguard preventing unwanted item deletion
    by another person (a girlfriend, a cousin, a sibling, etc.).
    Everyone has probably watched the video where a guy's WoW account
    was deleted by his girlfriend while he was going to the store, and also
    something similar with a guy whose girlfriend had access to his email account.
    Personally, I know no one is using my Steam account other than me, but not
    everyone is in that situation and it would be nice if we had something
    to protect our virtual stuff.
    I also made a suggestion on Steam forums but for the entire Steam inventory.
    That means - items in games (Dota 2, TF2), Steam gifts, cards, coupons, etc.

    So what I'm suggesting is this:
    - one time password when you want to delete something from your inventory
    in Dota 2 (or Steam)
    - password would be erased when you restart Dota 2 (or Steam)
    - if you want to delete items again, you'd have to enter the password again

    Please, share your thoughts and opinions.
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit
    CPU: Core i5 6400 @ 3.3GHz
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 2GB
    RAM: 8GB DDR4 @ 1333MHz
    MB: ASUS H110M-K
    AV: n/a

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    looks like sm1 live with girl who hate dota
    and fear go to bathroom w/o shut account

    +1 ofc

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    SMS confirmation for deleting crates. Valve add this, please.

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