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Thread: Suggestion - Option to vote / give a dc'd player more time...

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    Suggestion - Option to vote / give a dc'd player more time...

    I have played about 40 games so far, and 2 times I have had my internet go down for about 4 to 5 minutes - which leaves me freaking out and praying I get back on in time - but alas I rejoin and it has already given me an abandon. I played a game the other day where a guy dc'd and his buddy said his net was down and he was coming back, but he too didn't make it in time.
    Sometimes 5 minutes just isn't enough. There should be a way to extend it - especially because people often play with friends who know whats going on and can vouch for their buddy's efforts. If a person really is trying to get back on they have a shot at fixing it or it fixing itself - they should get a chance. Maybe it could be a vote thing to give more time if people agree?

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    sorry man, dont think you are going to win anyone over with this one, personally i dont think it matters if you are playing in a 5 stack, 5 minutes is too long to be out of the game, its just too abusable, and with the team getting 5 pauses for you which may or may not pause the timer is still more then enough disruption to the game.

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    If it is a team only vote that just adds more time for you (no bonus pauses or anything that bothers the other team) I don't see a problem with it.
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