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Thread: Mute Menu Music

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    Mute Menu Music

    Hey. Would it be possible to put an option into Dota 2 that allows you to disable menu music?

    Reason for this is, I usually watch videos and stuff while waiting for a party to play with, chat with people and while waiting for matchmaking. How it is at the moment means I have to mute the game until I'm ready to play and join in.
    If you could add this, it would be a god send <3

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    Yea I try lowering music volume to lowest but it continues to play

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    temp fix for music volume bug

    same, the only way to get it really low is to change your master volume down as well and maybe turn your headphones up, but why would we want to do that? this needs to be fixed asap! I only noticed it after a patch about a month ago.

    see my post for the temporary resolution
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    Sorry, I know this reply is SUPER late, but one way to fix it is to use the stopsound cheat command in console. You can either do it manually with "sv_cheats 1; stopsound" or put it in your autoexec script (as two separate commands). This only works when you are in the main menu since that is the only time you control the cheat cvar, but you can use it every time you go back to the menu and don't want to hear the music.

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    Yeah, and if you're in the Borderless Window, you won't hear any Dota sounds (besides the "Ready" alarm) when you Alt-tab.
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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    +1 Although there is already an older thread on this issue. [Suggestion] Option to disable menu music separately from ingame music

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