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Thread: Mute System Idea - 2 channels, Global and All Chat

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    Mute System Idea - 2 channels, Global and All Chat

    First of all, I did a cursory search of the past threads but didn't see this idea anywhere else, so forgive me if it has been mentioned somewhere else.

    I think that one of the major problems with the current mute system is that in the heat of the moment a player will project their anger or exuberance onto the other team though the all chat communication channel. In almost any situation some one talking themselves up or putting some one down when they are on the other team will be viewed as 'worse'.

    For example if I were asked by my ally to "stop going top and feeding" I might think to myself "this guy is a bit of a dick, but he has a point." However if the opposing team said the same thing I would probably view it as a taunt, if they kept talking in the all chat I would potentially report them (only if I lost, you can see how petty this may get).

    The way I see it is that a significant amount of the reports (not all, of course) are fired between teams as a way of getting back at the other team, and I don't think that some one who throws careless remarks at the other team, and has minimal impact to team moral really deserves to be global chat banned, however his all chat privileges could be deservedly taken away.

    The main thing about this is that the all chat channel is basically worthless (apart from giving a reason for a pause, and the current mute system already makes this void), while the allied chat is actually very important.

    tl;dr: If some one is reported by the opposite team enough to warrant a chat ban, the ban should reflect that this player tends to be a problem chatter for his 'enemy' and his allied chat should be left intact, unless he gets reported there too.
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    I hardly ever report the opposing team.

    And even then only if they are slagging off their teammates and asking us to report them (I report the requestor, not the person they are trying to lobby a ban for).
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    I have reported (for com abuse) the enemy team once, when they just would not stop taunting/flaming, I would rather a player that acts like this still be able to communicate with their team, I just don't want people with a history of being a twit in all chat to talk to me with it.

    I think that this could potentially help the issue of "OMG guys this dark green guy is a total scrublord LOL what do you think, amirite" all chat kind of thing too, because I would report this far more often and they might realize that the other team doesn't care one bit. From there they really have 3 choices;

    1) they can flame their ally in team chat (and probably get a global mute),
    2) try to be helpful/focus on team work,
    3) do nothing.

    I might be getting too mature for this game, but I honestly believe that this might actually help?

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