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Thread: Mute System Thoughts

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    Mute System Thoughts

    • First of all: its still a bad Idea to mute people in a Team Oriented game which NEEDS communication (and that more then just missing, we need wards push and get back)
    • The recent change was a right step
    • I still have somehow unlimmitted reports, report people and get them back - every player is a mute machine
    • You cant make an automated penality system - get over It and review the reports
    • Playing with muted people is a pain in the ass, you should design a new penality

    Suggestion: something like this:

    Sorry for that horrible paint work (which took me 5 sec) but you get the idea: make mute optional.

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    That's a great idea. It separates the people who like the mute system with the people who don't like it. PROBLEM SOLVED VALVE /mindblown /endlifestruggle

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    Why must I play with muted players in my team?
    What did I do wrong?

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    Nah, that would just make some Valve employee feel stupid and we can't have that. He honestly believes that we love hearing Well Played! more than anything else.

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