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Thread: Give the option to hear muted players

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    Give the option to hear muted players

    I'd like an option where I can allow muted players to talk to me. Every game now a days consist of 2-3 teammates being muted. Its impossible to communicate and play as a team. I would prefer it if instead of people becoming muted, they become "marked" for being disruptive or whatever. Every player then have an option to mute or unmute all who are marked. That way those who dont care about others being assholes can let them talk so that the team game can be played as a team.

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    But 2 players voted them guilty. Surely you don't dare doubt their judgement?

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    There's an existing thread that touches on the same points and I think it is quite good.

    You can find it here:

    It definitely needs tweaked, as all ideas generally do, but I very much am aligned with players being given the freedom to un-mute their teammates and I think it can give those who are rightfully (Not all cases) punished a chance to redeem themselves. I highly suggest you check out the thread and leave your feedback.

    Thanks and good luck!

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