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Thread: Opinions, Entire Menus Revamp, etc.

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    Opinions, Entire Menus Revamp, etc.

    Dear Dota 2 Developers,

    Hi, my name is Benjamin, and straight up I would like to tell you that Dota 2 is an amazingly fun game! I couldn't have imagined better. You guys have a great job, truly. However, there are some minor issues that I, (a Dota 2 customer) have experienced. I have played many games, and something stood out in Dota 2. The menus. Well, lets just say they could use some work. Things area bit clunky and organized very strangely. I say this because I have talked to many other players, friends, who play Dota 2. I'd say about 90% agree that the menus are kind of ugly. Take for example Starcraft 2, or hell, even Call of Duty, their menus are very organized in my opinion and really get you into the feeling of the game. I absolutely hate being in the menus of Dota 2. I do understand that you guys are constantly working on the game and maybe you guys even have already planned something, but if you haven't, please consider. I don't think the menus are missing anything, I just think that they are organized improperly. I apologize for any unintended negative feelings I've created for anyone, if I have.

    I have many personal ideas for a menus revamp and organization if anyone would like to see them. For now, please readers leave a response of your opinion.

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    This is a really cool idea, I feel this would make Dota 2 a better experience for new players.

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    I suggested Reborn before it went mainstream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenjaminBRE View Post
    I suggested Reborn before it went mainstream.
    Lol, indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenjaminBRE View Post
    I suggested Reborn before it went mainstream.
    At least I know who to blame now.

    The next time S2 randomly bluescreens me, or I lose my mind trying to organise my items in the inventory nightmare, I'll shake my fist at the sky and yell "THIS WASN'T PART OF THE DEAL BENJAMINNNNNN, THIS WASN'T PAAART!".

    Should be very cathartic.
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