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Thread: Tutorial matches keep having server issues.

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    Tutorial matches keep having server issues.

    These last few days there have been small annoyances, but I still couldn't have a decent tutorial match today, either when you find a match it automatically disconnects saying the game couldn't find a server (or something around those lines), or you're already playing the match and it randomly disconnects the game for everyone, some people are actually able to reconnect but others can't, and in my latest game not only wasn't I able to reconnect but the "reconnect button" actually dissapeared completely as if the game never happened, funny thing is moments later the game actually counted as a win because my teammates were able to reconnect and win, but it didn't count as tutorial progress.
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    This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.

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    It's fucking retarded. I've tried to farm this fucking Sniper rifle for about 5 hours today and I got 3 games, 1 of which counted while the other games just kicked me from the server or never even happened.

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    You also sometimes finish one of the games, and they don't even count. That included with the disconnects makes it nigh impossible to get the rifle.

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    i have the same prob and my gf just farmed the matches with no problem thats just sad :/

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