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Thread: Tutorial keeps Veterans away from Dota 2

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    I think there is a solution to this which is much simpler.

    If you want to queue in the solo queue by yourself, you have to complete the tutorial and all requirements. This is completely fair because it allows older DotA 1 players to get a refresher course, and reduces the problem of smurfing. However if you are partied with another person who has completed the requirements, then he can initiate the queuing and as long as you're partied with him. This allows experienced people with friends, to get in and play the game instantly, and they can finish the tutorial later on, at their leisure, if they still want to solo queue.

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    i just made a dota2 account for a friend and all he was made to do was play dk and sniper thats it. must have taken around half an hour. donno if it was changed though.

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    If valve will remove this kind of feature, the next post I could see from you is all about the level 1s or new accounts that is ruining the game.

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