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Thread: Tutorial keeps Veterans away from Dota 2

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    Tutorial keeps Veterans away from Dota 2

    In the last days i invited several friends to Dota 2 who were well knowing about the old Dota or comparable MOBA/Strategy. All of them were pissed off by the tutorial, it starts at zero like rightclick to move and click skill to use it. Why is this tutorial not skippable? Would be no problem if it is only one mission, but you have 4 different instrucion missions, 5 bot and 10 normal matches. I want to invite a friend to Dota 2 and be able to play with him instantly!

    The tutorials are surely okay for newbies, but they are made so easy and elemental you must have never played anything strategical to learn something from the first missions. The first friend I invited was able to skip the tutorial due to some bug and i sadly dont know how to reconstruct it, the others are really pissed off and i dont think they will play 15 matches plus some other stuff to be able to play with me... and i can understand that. This is keeping skilled players away!

    Please, add skipping!

    P.S.: Type in google "dota 2 tutorial" and see what you get proposed...
    also you will find youtube videos for cheating faster speed and stuff, but this can't be the solution!
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    Had no idea that new players had to go through the full tutorial before being allowed to play normal game modes.

    Unskippable tutorial is always, ALWAYS a bad game design decision. Especially when they're are that long.

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    So you like leavers and gameruiners smurfing all around the clock? The tutorial is a good feature for new players, a decent introduction to DotA 1 players (new shop, different UI, no set hotkeys,...) and a good smurf protection.

    All at once.

    Also, please use the search function. There are plenty of threads similar to yours. Bump them
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    Any "veterans" would have been playing already, considering how easy it's been to get into the beta for the past half year.

    You can get to playing in less than half an hour, and it helps with aspects unique to Dota2 such as navigating the shop and using TP scrolls, which is important considering LoL doesn't have those.

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    The only problem i see is how Valve is forcing noobs to pick sniper constantly because they award them with stupid items after completing something which can be easily exploited. Now there is not even the problem yet the real problem is valve telling noobs to buy Arcane boots and Basilus I mean seriously, in the past 10 games there was always a failing sniper and who is to blame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexxa View Post
    in the past 10 games there was always a failing sniper and who is to blame?
    noone. they are new to the game, they can build whatever item they wish.
    at a certain point dota players will look for new strategies and builds or simply copy their stronger opponents. that's how dota worked for most of us in the past and there is no reason for it to not work the same anymore.

    there is nothing wrong with easing this progress by the help of tutorials and similar features. good tutorials however start with the easy and the necessary, while slowly providing more and more insights about the game.

    in the first tutorial the player was basically relieved from having to worry about mana. kotl took care of it, he sometimes was out of mana, but not for long. in the second tutorial the player has to maintain his manapool himself with arcane boots. it makes alot of sense how the tutorial progresses on that part.

    nevertheless the tutorial originally intended to put powertreads on sniper and explain about tread switching. does that make sense in the second tutorial mission? no, it doesnt, and that's why valve went for arcanes, despite being an (arguably) sub-optimal item for a sniper, it still provides the better learning experience (mana management is in the hands of the player now).
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    i spent probably a week of playing bot matches before i dove into matchmaking and i had 6 years of dota experience under my belt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Talron View Post
    i spent probably a week of playing bot matches before i dove into matchmaking and i had 6 years of dota experience under my belt
    Its not the point, how long you have been playing, or how good anyone actually is. The point is, you played one week of bot games, because you wanted to train/learn whatever. There must be a choice, and those, who want to train can already do this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monsterlord View Post
    You can get to playing in less than half an hour
    15 Matches+ in 30 mins? ... no comment

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathdragonaw View Post
    15 Matches+ in 30 mins? ... no comment
    I can't stress this enough. Last night I wanted to hop in and play Dota 2 with a friend who is familiar with Dota and dota style games but never played Dota 2. Well that didn't work quite as planned, because he was forced to complete the tutorial first. 3 tutorial maps, 10 middle lane practice matches and 5 full games against bots and 10 random games with a limited hero pool. You can not tell me that takes less than half an hour. We didn't get around to playing together that night, and it looks like we won't be playing tonight either. It's eaten up 8 hours of his time to this point. Time we would have liked to spend playing together and not fighting bots on easy mode.

    I can understand that Valve wants to help new players and stop smurfing, but this is stopping people from playing together or even having them consider playing at all. In my opinion, if you wanted to casually jump in and play some games with your friends, you should be able to do so.

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    its good for new players but no doubt it should be skipping because its a annoying and boring waste of time for old players from dota, lol or hon

    And maybe start adding other heroes and fix the abandon system before you do different changes

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