Well this is probably gonna be my first and last post for a very long time, so here goes.

What if you had so many freaking items on so many heroes, but had no idea which of them to display?
See that's the problem. It's no point having so many items if you can't show them, so what I'm trying to suggest is a method of displaying multiple heroes.

The way I see it, there are two things the Dota crew may be able to implement.

1. More allocated room for the turntable display, allowing up to 3 heroes at once.
2. Separate buttons allowing for up to 3 heroes to be displayed at once.

- For the former method, I'm basically thinking shrink the model size and allow room for two more heroes.
- Each hero is then arranged in a triangle. New problem: What if you can't rotate and see the two back heroes properly?
- Include two rotation switches, one for the basic turntable, and one for the rotation of heroes.
- Lets you see all three heroes in all of their orientations front and back.

- For the latter method, it's quite simple, really. Somewhere in the UI, maybe set three buttons labeled "Hero 1", "Hero 2" and "Hero 3" to switch between heroes.

Feel free to add to the ideas! If it's in the wrong place, mods, please get it outta here! And if there's a way to forward this to the development team directly, by all means do so!

Yours truly,
The guy who has too many heroes to feature.