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Thread: Dota 2 for Mac OS X

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    Dota 2 for Mac OS X

    Welcome to the Dota 2 Mac Feedback Forum!

    We are tracking Mac specific issues on the Dota 2 GitHub available at This is the place to check if the bug you are seeing has been reported and to also report your own bugs. Please note this is for Mac or Linux specific issues. Generally Dota 2 bugs should go into Gameplay Bugs forum available at

    Dota 2 Mac Minimum System Requirements:

    Mac OS X Lion 10.7
    4GB RAM
    4GB Hard drive space
    nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
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    Mac support will not be available until Dota 2 Test has been updated later today.

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    I'll be ready to offer any feedback needed.

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    Why is the RAM requirement for Mac double what it is for the Windows machines? This is more consumption that running the whole program through a wrapper...

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    I'll test this out on my Macbook Air later, judging by the specs it should be able to run it.

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    No Snow Leopard?

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    I need to download again or I can use from my windows dota?
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    I'd also like to help test this out!

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    Dota 2 Mac is now available for play on the Dota 2 Test client.

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