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Thread: [Confirmed] Flesh Golem's heal for undying is instant

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    [Confirmed] Flesh Golem's heal for undying is instant

    Flesh Golem's healing part should use projectiles and they heal him when they reach him. I don't know how fast the projectiles are suppose to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by imxtrabored View Post
    Projectile speed is 600.
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    Projectile speed is 600.

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    added to sticky.
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    208 this is a nice video of the bug - undying gets fingered while having below 100 hp - he activates blademail and kills lion with the effect - instead of dying - he lives on because the heal is instant.

    expected result:
    not sure if blademail should only reflect the ~100 damage finger would have actually dealt or the whole finger damage, but what happened there is definitely not what I expected.

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