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Thread: [Suggestion] Server pinging on main menu

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    [Suggestion] Server pinging on main menu

    Hi there,

    I'm a south east asia Dota2 player,
    a few month ago there were problems with SEA server which made us unable to play on that particular server, our only choice was australia or china.
    additionally, I have a really unstable connection that sometimes as fast as able to stream HD movies without buffering time and sometimes even having problem watching a 420p video.

    I'm suggesting a ping server button on the main menu so that we don't have the need to join a game THEN we ping the servers.
    As you all know, leaving during a game in MOBA genre is really a taboo and playing in a constant 500 ping is really a pain and not enjoyable.

    Best & warm regards,
    a noob from SEA

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    I would say fix your isp..but also..your suggestion makes sense. but I doubt Valve will do anything about it...they only focus on the pro scene and workshop (making money)

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