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Thread: [Confirmed] Doom should receive an improved Frost Attack when Devouring Ghost

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    [Confirmed] Doom should receive an improved Frost Attack when Devouring Ghost

    The current Frost Attack grants Lucifer 20 % slow on his attacks but it should be 30 %

    Satyr has a movement speed of 290
    in Dota 2 it decreases it to 232
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    i guess we all learned something new today.
    added to sticky.
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    Is it 30% for both MS and AS? Or is it 30MS/20AS like Skadi?

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    Doom's version should also last 2 seconds compared to the Ghost's 1.5.

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    But why? So damn obscure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettle View Post
    But why? So damn obscure.
    afaik ghost uses a spell that lets you set the slow values which is an active orb, same as drow ranger's. lucy, whose devour was implemented later, uses something that's more like skadi and uses default frost slow values.

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