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Thread: Add more Guild Slots?

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    Add more Guild Slots?

    Would it be possible to add more then 4 guild slots?

    I maxed out my guild cap in like 20 minutes and I still got a couple more guilds that I would like to be a part of. However, the current cap means I can't do so

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    +1 if the servers can handle it, I'm guessing this will be the most requested feature.
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    Increase the capacitiy of guilds...
    1000 is not enough. (The guild I wanted to join was full after one day..... :|)
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    I don't like the ability to join more guilds than one, there should be a separation between "guilds" (serious playing groups) and "groups" (fun groups of players with the same interests) like in Starcraft 2. Since Steam has already groups, maybe Valve should integrate that into the Dota 2 client, and leave only 1 slot for guilds.

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