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Thread: [Confirmed] Abaddon's Aphotic Shield and Burrowed Time nullify Knock Backs

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    [Confirmed] Abaddon's Aphotic Shield and Burrowed Time nullify Knock Backs

    Same behaviour like for Slark's Dark Pact

    1. Get morph with adaptive strike and max out str
    2. cast it on Lord of Avernus (>400 hp)

    The following spell's repositioning effect can be dispelled:
    -Torrent knock up
    -Primal Roar secondary target knock back
    -Power Cogs knock back
    -Burrowstrike knock up
    -Ravage knock up
    -Greater Bash knock back
    -Adaptive Strike knock back
    -Impale knock up
    -Electric Vortex pull
    -Telekinesis knock up
    -Blinding Light knock back
    -Spikes knock up
    -Vacuum pull
    -Flaming Lasso pull
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    added to sticky.
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