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Thread: [Client] Dota 2 not launching...

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    Oh no, Can't open dota guys. Its doing that thing where when you click "play" on steam the "Preparing to launch dota 2..." box appears, dissapears, then the steam window shifts to the bottom right of my screen.

    I've done pretty much everything you can imagine over the past day or so, Reinstalling it of course, verifying game caches, updating drivers, even refreshing my entire PC (losing all my other steam games, but I only really care about dota anyways) still nothing works, this sucks, I just love dota, guys, and I wanna play it. Any ideas??

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    Oh and this is semi-unrelated, but does anyone know how to fix that bug where Twitch streams just say "Unable to find video, Please submit report". I really want to watch Dreamleague.

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    same here
    CrashDump from folder D:\Game\Steam\dumps
    and MDMP from D:\Game\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta

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    i also have faced same problem but problem solved here is solution:
    go to steam>library
    then right click on dota2
    then properties
    then local files
    then click verify intergrity of game cache
    it will take few minutes
    then it will downlaod misiing file then after that play

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    Guys i reistall my windows 7.
    I verify ubtegry few times. Reistall my steam + dota2, write - autoconfig on launch option.
    But still when i click to play on dota2 cant start it. Please help me guys

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    I've done everything in this and it didn't work
    w7 64bit

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    So in my case this helped:

    dxdiag > display tab > check if your DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration is enabled, if not, GPU drivers reinstall should help.

    If this doesn't help to enable Acceleration then:
    msconfig > services > hide all microsoft services > turn off what left > it will ask to reboot > reboot > reinstall GPU drivers or install older version and then update :P

    I hope it helped cause i was looking for 3 days how to fix it and answer was right in front of my eyes. so annoying.
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    Hey dear folk
    This issue came across me yesterday i tried literally everything from simple verifying and reinstalling steam and ticketing to steam, i just couldn't re-download the whole game due to slow internet speed,.... anyway and found no solution untill today out of curiosity i went here
    "Steam/SteamApps/common/dota 2 beta/game/bin/win32"
    I launched using 32byte version and it worked just fine, (except that my personal settings like hotkeys and etc were set to default)
    My system is a x64 based one tho i still have that issue launching the 64byte version of dota2.exe. so i shall still keep bothering steam support for a solution for that untill they confirm theres no other way except re-downloading.

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