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Thread: HiDPI issues

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    HiDPI issues

    So I'm using a Mid 2012 Retina Macbook Pro, with 10.8.4.

    I've noticed that when the OS is set to 1400x900 HiDPI, and I try to set Dota 2 Test to 2880x1800 resolution, it does not actually display at that resolution. It appears that it keeps rendering at 1440x900, and actually scales some text (as seen on the blog post portion of my screenshot) to be nearly unreadable.

    However, when I manually set the OS resolution to 2880x1800 (non-HiDPI), 2880x1800 resolution in Dota 2 Test behaves as expected, rendering the menus and game correctly.

    1440x900 Hi-DPI, game set to 2880x1800
    2880x1800, game set to 2880x1800

    I'm wondering if it's possible to get the game to correctly render in 2880x1800 (i.e. like my second screenshot) while the OS is set to 1440x1900 HiDPI.

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    We hope to add support for Retina displays. The issues is tracked here:

    I would recommend using 1440x900 resolution in the game when you're using HiDPI, as it should look a little better than using 2880x1800 (and be faster).

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