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Thread: Fantasy Team upgrade [BUG]

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    Fantasy Team upgrade [BUG]

    I bought 1 Fantasy team but i cant change anything every time i pick player everything resets even my 1st default team,
    i cant do nothing now with both team,they both reseting and overlapping whenever i try to pick player or set name.

    It looks like after 10 minutes of trying to apply my choises , 20 times of changeing name of team after getting reset i got everything right,
    still this was very hard and buggy,even not sure what im gonna see when i open compendium next time,hope not everything reseted...
    This need fix anyway
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    Confirmed. Having the same issue with my teams.

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    ok same here but what`s happening with the flipping rewards?.... i haven`t got any rewards from them i assume u guy`s haven`t either. tsk tsk. P.S got 2 teams

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