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Thread: [Intended?] Aphotic Shield castable on a doomed unit & doesn't remove Doom

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    [Intended?] Aphotic Shield castable on a doomed unit & doesn't remove Doom

    In dota1 you are not able to cast Aphotic on a Doomed unit except if you start the casting before the unit is Doomed in which case the Doom gets removed.

    In dota2 you are always able to cast Aphotic on a Doomed unit but the Doom isn't removed.

    Huge difference imo.

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    That's most probably an intended change.

    Aphotic Shield isn't castable on doomed units in DotA1, because it would remove the Doom from you, which it isn't suppose to do. And the only way to prevent that was to make it not being usable on doomed units.

    In Dota2, they don't have that limitation, so you can cast it on doomed units but it doesn't remove Doom.

    You can compare it to Kunkka with Quelling Blade. It's disabled for him in DotA1 because of unwanted behaviours, which is not the case in Dota2.
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