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Thread: Smeevil Courier changing skin of other couriers

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    Smeevil Courier changing skin of other couriers

    When I equip my Roshan courier or the default courier, use them and then equip my smeevil courier (Dyed Crab version) it changes the look of both of these couriers. My friend who was with me was the first to notice the Zonkey so it's not just on my computer that it happens.

    Steps to repeat:
    1. Buy a default courier or any courier with an alternative skin.
    2. Equip your Smeevil Courier with Dyed Crab mode selected
    3. Look at Zonkey

    As you can see in this image, my Unusual Frositvus Baby Roshan is now a Golden Unusual Frostivus Baby Roshan and the Donkey courier is a Zonkey.

    Side Note: Most epic looking courier to have ever glitched into my game.
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