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Thread: Running on Intel HD Graphics 4000, workarounds, solutions, glitches

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    Sorry, my fault. Here's normal game screenshotUntitled.png. My settings and quit buttons and other stuff are not painted at all, or with miserable quality. When I find the game ( or create my own) it just closes with error. All drowings are weird .
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    Game crashing on map load seems like a much more serious issue than some gui elements missing. You were saying the game works properly on another box using the same distro ? I'd say that only leaves 2 likely sources : the gpu driver or the intel box lacking a necessary package (linux Source games are (afaik) 32 bits programs, so you need a dupe install of the complete opengl/mesa stack).
    To figure it out, maybe you could launch steam and then dota in a terminal and watch the output. Another hint could come from your results trying to run other opengl programs (tf2, other source games, other non valve linux games, non linux games running through wine, ...)

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    Thanks, it's solved. All i need is lib32-intel-dri. archWiki says it. missed that)
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    Quote Originally Posted by vrodic View Post

    Since today I've been running Dota 2 successfully, without major performance or visual problems on my Intel Core i5 3320M, which has HD Graphics 4000.

    I'm running it on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit. I'm not running a compositing window manager, just OpenBox/LXDE.

    A few days before Dota 2 test was released on linux, a major problem in drivers was finally fixed. The bug caused player characters, trees and other models to be invisible most of the time.

    The bug was present when running Dota 2 on Wine too. With this fix ( Dota 2 was running quite well with wine, with some performance penalties compared to Windows, but perfectly payable. The version of xorg edgers ppa I'm running now, that has the fix, has mesa version 292368570a13501dfa95b1b0dd70966caf6ffc6b (this long number is the git commit id).

    When Dota 2 test came out many people noticed problems with text rendering, and the bug to track it is here:

    Unlike the previous bug, this one is not Intel specific, but seems to affect many Mesa OpenGL drivers including AMD and nVidia drivers. The bug turns out to be related to the way Dota 2 uses the capabilities it sees in Mesa drivers, so we're waiting for Valve to fix it. The workaround is to:

    export MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=2.1 somewhere in the environment before Steam or Dota is run.

    More technical discussion on this issue here:

    This quote from Chris Forbes is the most technical description of the problem:

    I get around 35 FPS on my setup, 1920x1080 with this graphics settings:
    Attachment 16748

    I do have the following glitches still:

    - Sometimes (when running fullscreen, not borderless window mode i think), cooldown images are misplaced:Attachment 16749

    -or even amusingly wrong: Attachment 16750

    - The game (or steam) seems to open an invisible window in upper left corner of the screen, preventing me from clicking there even after I switch away from the game, or exit the game.

    Anyway, good job Valve developers!

    With the text bug, the tutorial crash bug and other small issues solved, I hope we'll have a regular (non-test) client out soon
    Is the error fixed by the MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=2.1 the same that I am seeing today?

    Stock install no tweaks 13.04 (both in Unity and gnome3)

    EDIT: Added the export to my bashrc file, issue persists

    EDIT 2: After further research into this I have solved the issues with the steps detailed hopefully this can help someone else too
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    I've written a blog post with more info on Dota 2 performance on my Intel HD4000:

    In short, linux version has longer startup time, about 2x memory usage and about 50% of Windows framerate on the same machine.

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    I patched Wine a bit, making it run Dota 2 with same performance as native Dota 2 for Linux. While using half the memory and starting in less than half the time od native version.
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