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Thread: I have a lot of friends who own a mac

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    I have a lot of friends who own a mac

    I have a lot of friends who own a mac, so my question is:

    When will the Mac version be available on the real client?
    Is it far / close from being playable enough?
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    never ask Valve when something will be rdy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoid View Post
    I agree test is a bit lonely. We'd like to bake it a bit on the test client to ensure we have any major crash issues fixed before we push it to the main client. We want to ensure that people don't get abandons or impact other players due to such issues before we ship it.
    It sounds like Valve wants to get it out fairly soon, but they want to make sure it's stable enough so it's not crashing constantly and causing abandons. Hopefully it'll just be a week or two before it goes on the main client, but we don't know for sure.

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    My guess was that we'll get probably 3-4 weeks of beta to get the bugs out of the release. It is not ready for prime time yet. Depending on how long some of the bugs take to fix it might be awhile.

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