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Thread: Horsemen of the apocalypse

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    link to poll above.

    see DotA 2 has 3 horsemen,

    1. Nessaj the Chaos Knight
    2. Abaddon the Lord of Avernus(Death Knight)
    3. Ezalor the Keeper of the Light

    now, DotA has a hero called Legion Commander, he also rides on a Horse and he is yet to be added in DotA 2.
    i have heard rumors that Legion Commander is going to be a Female and Horseless.
    i don't have any personal issue with problem with being Legion Commander being female in DotA 2(if any thing i love the fact that there is another hot chick being added in dotA 2) but i think it would be much more cooler to have Legion Commander as the 4th Horseman..
    I mean how cool it would be to have Four Horsemen in DotA 2,
    You could even have cosmetic items like "4 horsemen pack", with awesome complimenting designs for all 4 horsemen.
    i mean its not necessary...but it sure as hell will be cool....specially since Legion Commander is the only hero with a Horse...i think if he is added otherwise DotA will not have complete Set of Horsemen.
    plus Legion Commander can be a Rival to Abaddon, like Ezalor and Nessaj are.
    please do consider.

    P.S -- i don't mean to say that you should actually name them as 4 horsemen, its more of a fan titles

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    @Shadow'sBane have you even read this thread before posting here?
    Brainwashing people is fun.

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    Partly is partly relevant ...after all KotL, CK, Abaddon and Legion Commander were actually the DotA's 4 horsemen.
    I did see the Thread and it's reply...having 4 horsemen might be the thing for Apocalptic scene of DotA.

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    Death, Famine, War and Conquest.

    For death, we could put Necrolyte on a horse. yay

    Famine could be... Undying on a horse, woot.

    Chaos Knight could be a pretty decent War i guess.

    LC could make for a pretty good Conquest, but, whatever. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are nowhere near this game's lore, give up.
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    I am not saying that they will be real horsemen.

    They will be DotA's horsemen, it's just a tilte.

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    Why do people keep bringing this stupid idea back up? Fuck cliches.

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