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Thread: Someone is sabotaging constantly Guild Info message

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    Angry Someone is sabotaging constantly Guild Info message

    Greetings Dota 2 dev team,

    I have created a guild called SuomiFinlandPerkele tagged SFP. I give officer membership for every single member because this way its easier to recruit people to our Guild. So someone has made hes life mission to sabotage the guild message with racist and other kind of stuff that some may find offensive. There are no logs for guild info so I cannot tell who is doing this nor can I restrict Officers from now being able to change guild info message. Could you improve this feature even to log the editor or to restrict rights for Officers.

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    The reason of the Officer post is to allow certain members to control the guild while the Guild Leader isn't available. You might not want to give every person Officer rights.

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    how about giving more ranking system to the guild rather than just GM>Officers>Member

    something like GM > Generals / Founders / whatever it is > Officers > Members.

    GM = the only 1 that can ban people from the guild (not allowed to be invited to the guild ever again), the only 1 that can disband the guild, the only 1 that can demote the 2nd in command (generals/founders/bla bla bla)

    Generals/Founders/2nd in command/blablabla = able to invite, demote officers, kick people out of the clan, edit guild message.

    Officers = invite only.

    I think it would be good to have more layer of command.

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