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Thread: [suggestion]Single choice language selection and more options

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    Lightbulb [suggestion]Single choice language selection and more options

    Currently there are complaints about 'Russians' and 'Brazilians' invading servers.
    In my eyes these complaints could be solved rather easily.

    Current situation:
    Nothing stops me from queuing with English, Russian and Chinese selected.
    I don't speak Russian and sure don't understand Chinese, but nothing stops me from selecting them all and hoping for it to find a game faster.
    (This is the reason why Russians appear in English games)

    How this could (potentially) be solved:
    By making language selection single choice instead of multiple choice, players will select the language that matters to them instead of all.
    Now I hear you saying; "But Double, this only helps with the Russian problem", for that I have a second suggestion!

    More options, less problems:
    I'm sure that Valve is able to detect the top 6(or more?) languages that are selected by people that play DotA2 and add them.(as in steam language, not in DotA2)
    To satisfy the complainers on East US you have to include Portuguese.(!)
    This is merely an example that has 6 options.

    If we have these 2 changes, then it will not only resolve complaints, but also:
    It doesn't restrict players on selecting their servers(!).
    Brazilian players can still play on US East, but they get matched with other Portuguese speakers.
    This means less language problems and a better experience for both English and Portuguese speakers.(Russian too in the EU West case)

    Europeans happy.
    Russians happy.
    Brazilians happy.
    Americans happy.
    Valve not so happy with me giving them work.

    I'm sure that there might be some drawbacks to single choice.
    Also what languages to be added and how many, it could influence the game greatly.(mainly Match Making)
    Please discuss and share your opinion!
    “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

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    The only negative I can see is if someone can legitimately speak more than one language, but then again they can just queue for the one they feel will have the most players/feel most comfortable with.

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    My suggestion is to have the language names written in its respective language.

    it will always be:


    instead of


    The reasoning behind this is to trigger a psychological effect that people tend to lean toward familiar stuff rather than strange stuff, so people would choose what they really know instead of check on everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gukle View Post
    My suggestion is to have the language names written in its respective language.
    How would I understand that "中文" is Chinese?

    I think it's smart to let it be written in the language the client uses so I know what I select. :s
    But I like the psychological part of it!
    “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

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    Would rather see the option of choosing Main and Secondary languages.

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    very good suggestion, valve please implement asap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double_DeluXe View Post
    How would I understand that "中文" is Chinese?
    That's the whole point; you don't pick things that you don't even understand. That being said, I'd love to see this implemented in any form.

    I'm really confused why Portuguese is not a language option in the first place, if language boundaries are as soft as they are. It must be as frustrating for Brazilian players as North American players to not be able to get matched with the same language. Seems like players would benefit from as many language options as possible, instead of just three.

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    You guys are so entitled, complaining when Valve gives you this glorious way to experience how terrible other countries are without even leaving your house. I would have considered going to Peru or Mexico at one point, but thanks to Valve's "Forced Cultural Integration Simulator" I can experience the worst of all countries without trying to figure out the signs for the restrooms.

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