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Thread: 한국에 살고 외국인 한국섭 못되요?

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    한국에 살고 외국인 한국섭 못되요?

    한국에 살고 등록번호 있는 미국인입니다.

    한국어능력시험 초급했지만 문법 잘못하면 죄송합니다.

    넥슨은 "외국인 금지"라는 정말 터무니없는 정책 있습니다.

    이 스크린샷들 보세요:,ckx7LI4,I8LBQ0b#0,

    i-pin으로도 휴데폰으로도 이렇게 되요.

    이제는 베타키 방금 받았지만 넥슨ID 본인확인 못 합니다.

    도타는 글로벌 게임 이지만...

    ... 넥슨은 "한국인 글로벌 play 할 수 있지만 외국인은 한국인이랑 play 안 된다"고 하거든요.

    등록번호 있는 외국인도 안 되요.

    염려된 사람 많습니다:



    등록번호 있고 한국에 사는 외국인 많습니다. 그러나 우리는 한국서버만 못 해요. 우리는 동남아서버나 서미국서버으로 play해야 하고 200+ms play해야 한 것 같습니다.

    그렇면서 league of legends는 한국서버에서 외국인 play할 수 있고 본인확인 문제 없어요.

    난 3개년전에 처음 왔고 RiotGamesKorea도 네이버도 다음도 Nate도 Pmang도 다 외국인에게 본인확인 되요.

    그냥 넥슨만 안 되요. sigh

    넥슨 고객센터 전화했고 돈슨이 확인했군요.

    어떻게... ㅠㅠ

    Valve... why did you license this game to a company that has such xenophobic policies? Nexon is the only company in Korea that I know of that exclusively prohibits foreigners from using their services.

    Please do something about this issue.
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    Seconded. This is a serious issue. The gaming community should not be divided like this. It will only hurt the game's success.
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    It's an international game. Koreans can play on any server but non koreans cannot play on the korean server even if it is the closest to their home. Not to mention non koreans living there.
    Having things like this happen is quite saddening in my opinion, it only serves to choke dota 2's evolution, since foreigners are likely to be more informed about dota, not to mentions that it gives korean players high skilled enemies or allies from witch they can improve their game that much faster.

    I don't know about Nexon's decision making but i am confident that this goes against what VALVE stands for as a game developer and publisher.

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    I don't know about LoL (cause I don't give a poop about it), but SC2 has KR only servers, and I don't see how it's a problem, since it's always been like this for years.
    As far as Koreans can play on other servers (EU, CN, etc), it doesn't affect tournaments.
    The only problem is for non-pro, non-koreans living there, since they'll be forced to play on Eastern servers.

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    Dota is a global game, Valve, don't let Nexon destroy the global community of Dota just for something as stupid as regional restrictions..
    I can't believe you've let it go so far as to say you can't do anything about it, this disappoints me heavily and I am not sure I respect you as much as I used to, in the past you would've taken control over your own product, now you're freely letting Nexon take your product and make it into something it was never meant to be, a restricted product.

    This is bad, this is really really bad, segregating player bases is really really not cool.

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    What makes this different from LoL, SC2, etc etc is that in this case, the company that imports this foreign game explicitly prohibits foreigners (even the ones who have the 등록증) from authenticating their account, which therefore blocks them from participating at all. Foreigners in Korea are allowed to play SC2, LoL, etc etc if they at least have the registration number. Nexon explicitly filters them out and they are the only company I have ever seen in the three years that I've been in this country to do that. All of their competitors allow foreigners who at least have the registration number.

    Yet Valve chose to license their game exclusively to the ONE company in Korea that has such a xenophobic and ridiculous policy.
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    This is the issue of Nexon's company policy, which we can't help you at the moment :/

    We will petition the Nexon about this matter though.

    You can also try to contact their customer service again -> 1588-7701

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    I contacted them. I first wrote to their c/s (1:1 온라인문의) which I got back with 1588-7701 number. When I contacted them, it is literally like talking to a robot. I guess they just follow their guideline. The rep talks about how their policy prohibits foreigners, and nothing he can do about it. Asked him if they accept passport copy, copy of registration card (외국인거소증), and the rep talks about their policy, again, and does not accept such thing.

    Mods, please relate this matter to Nexon, as it is not just a crippled policy, but some people in reddit even express this situation as xenophobic policy, that could easily get related to social issues. 포럼 이용규칙에서도 인종차별적 발언 및 비하 금지인데, 넥슨 정책 자체가 크게보면 외국인 차별정책이고, 어떻게 엮으면 이건 인종차별적 정책이라는게 아이러니 하지 않습니까? 국내법규상 본인확인등의 이유로 외국인거소증 미보유 외국인은 본인확인이 힘들어지니 그렇다고 하여도 (이것도 여권확인등으로 가능할것 같기는하나), 거소증 보유 외국인에 경우 시스템적으로 확인이 가능한 상태인데도 정책문제로 하지 못한다는건 조금 그렇다는 생각이 드네요.
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    This is a serious issue. Im having a problem with this too. I even have Nexon's beta key but cannot access it cuz of this -.-

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    제가 베타키 까지는 지급 해드릴수 있습니다. 러시아 친구 한명은 제가 계정까지 제공해주면서 한국서버 데려왔구요..
    흠. 이것에 대해서 강하게 클레임을 하시고 그때까지는 지인의 도움을 받아 플레이하십시오.

    This is only my guessing but I think they are not accepting because of language matters. Since they are so lots of white cheeky boys in Korea, who are not even trying to learn some Korean even they are here now. Troubles can be happened because of some langauges matters, I think nexon just wants to prevent it. Just contact steam support and appeal that is wrong. Obviously, they need to deal with it since Valve is a huge partnetship corp to them.
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