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Only 2% of all Steam users use 2560 x 1080 or 2560 x 1440p.

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No it's more than 2% as many 21:9 setups are 3440 x1440 which fall in the other category (like my LG 21:9 monitor).
But even 2% with over 100 million active steam users means more then 2 million steam users with the problem (if they play Dota2)
An also the number of 21:9 users is continuously growing so its only a matter of time before it gets worse.
But what really amazes me is that the problem can be fixed without much effort. Maybe its a problem for all those custom UI skins but so be it. Just make sure the stock UI works and its a good enough solution for 99% of the 21:9 players and much better then the current situation in which 21:9 users have less overview and and a broken shop experience.