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Thread: Searching for the Dota 2 network...

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    Searching for the Dota 2 network...

    Second evening in a row.

    Please fix this fucking shit Valve.

    Update: Now that I was able to find the Dota 2 network (you've hidden it very well, I have to give you credit on that) it seems there's a kind of 5 minute lag in the network at the moment. The party invites I or my friend send each other come some 5 minutes after we have sent them. Also my friend joined us for a game, and cancelled a minute afterwards, and a while later my screen showed us being queued up (although no one clicked the find match button), a game being found, someone declining it, and the queue being cancelled; without touching a single button. So Valve, it seems that your server capacity just isn't enough for these evening user peaks, please do something about it.

    Update2: Ok, my friend is well able to queue up on her own, so it's only me having that 5 minute lag. But still, as all other online functions are working perfectly well, I'm putting the blame on you Valve.
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