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Thread: [C] Some abilities that miss the _NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN flag while they should have it

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    [C] Some abilities that miss the _NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN flag while they should have it

    Anchor Smash, Magina's Blink and Queen's Blink abilities lack the DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN
    making Rubick cast these abilities a lot faster than he should be casting them

    Anchor Smash - currently has 0.5 secs casting time on Tide -
    currently they all have
    - should be 0.3 secs on Rubick
    Magina's Blink - currently has 0.4 secs casting time on Magina -
    0.1 secs casting time
    - should be 0.4 secs on Rubick
    Queen's Blink - currently has 0.33 secs casting time on Queen -
    on Rubick
    - should be 0.33 secs on Rubick

    In the current state of DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN behaviour, Anchor Smash will not be properly corrected by simply adding the flag
    however Magina's and Queen's Blinks will be fully corrected by the addition of this DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN flag

    Damn you Rubick, hope your insta-blinking days will be over soon

    By the way, there might be more like these abilities, I used up all the information I have to find these out
    there 2 of the Techies' abilities also will need this flag, but again along with some modification and tuning like Anchor Smash needs, just a reminder

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    Rubick isn't meant to instant blink with AMs blink? :<

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    I can confirm that the Blink ability in WC3 fully disregards the caster's actual casting times. You could have 0 seconds or 10 seconds casting time on a unit with a blink which has casting time set to 1, that unit will always blink with 1 second casting time.
    In this case it's a Rubick with 0.1 seconds casting time who has stolen a blink which has casting time set to 0.4 if Magina Blink or 0.33 if QoP blink, so he should need 0.4/0.33 seconds to blink.

    Rubick blinks too fast. Surely not a small bug on him since blink is a very strong tool on him.

    Can you explain Anchor Smash a bit more? I didn't know about that.
    Also what's with Furion's Teleportation?
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    Anchor Smash is strange. i just tested it and it indeed has longer animation on rubic then normal.

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    Anchor Smash has 0.2 second casting time and tidehunter has 0.3 castpoint.

    Teleportation seems odd. It has 0.33 duration on all levels (which is used as cast point for blink) but has 3/2.5/2/1.5 casting time also. Seems only the first level casting time is used so it should take 3.33 seconds.
    I am assuming this since assassinate also has casting time set to 1.7/1.65/1.5 but seems only the first one is used for all levels.

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    Anchor Smash is based on Aora Roar, it has this Casting Time field like probably all the abilities
    Casting Time fields can have different behaviours, anyway for Roar it is like...

    You order to cast the spell
    > Channel Event registered
    - unit starts playing its channel animation, does this until the end of Casting Time duration you've set for Roar
    > Cast Event registered
    - unit starts playing the animation you've chosen for Roar, does this until the end of your units own casting time
    > Effect Event registered
    - unit starts having its backswing
    > Finish and Endcast Events registered
    - unit resumes what it was up to

    Whatever, for Tide it goes like
    0.2 secs >> 0.3 secs >> bam took 0.5 secs in total
    and for Rubick
    0.2 secs >> 0.1 secs >> bam took 0.3 secs in total

    Not all the spells, but generally I can tell that Casting Time field behaves like this, and pushes the actual Cast Event further, delays Cast Event and everything comes after that
    And one thing, the Wind Walk abilities get cancelled when the Cast Event is registered...

    and I will be having some words about that for the Furion's Teleportation

    For this thread, Teleportation already has the DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_NORMAL_WHEN_STOLEN flag

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    Okay, it took me a while, I see some posts have been made
    crinckle, you are right, only the Cast1= is regarded, idk why

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