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Thread: feedback on matchmaking after the lastest patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by fletcher View Post

    Congrats! You don't have a crappy Elo, and can feel free to keep playing Dota! Your Elo was right in the middle in this game.

    You were on the Dire. The Dire had a 2-stack that had an Elo spread of 1000 points. The guy with 150 wins was the bottom half of that party, and the other "noob" with "only" 298 wins was the player in this match with the highest Elo. We paired them against a corresponding party with an Elo spread that was approximately the same on the Radiant.

    In summary, it is true that you were matched with a player with an Elo lower than yours, because he was in a party with an average Elo approximately equal to yours. This means that you were also matched with a skilled teammate to compensate for the lower skilled player on your team. (But you didn't know that, because win count is the only metric you have to evaluate the skill of the players in your game, and win count is really not useful past a certain number of wins.) Furthermore, the match was fair because team you played against had a very similar situation. Comparing player-by-player, the teams were balanced, and the match was just about as good as could be formed based on Elo, given the fact that we allow parties to be made with players with differing skill level. Parties CAN cause players with differing skill to be put into the same game. There is no way around that, however, in most cases the matchmaker now does a significantly better job of matching up parties to make equitable teams than it did before.

    If you want to avoid this situation and not matched with parties, try the solo queue. We've solved several problems that were causing long wait times and low quality matches. (We should have mentioned that in the patch notes.)
    First thanks for posting and i am personally amazed that you said we already have elo.

    Is this the recent patch or we had it for some time now with bugs ?

    Any plans to make the real rating visible ?

    Perhaps even share the matchmaking algorithm with the community, so they know whats going on ?

    As i see it keeping people in the dark by not telling them how they are rated and whats their rating is only makes them more frustrated nor they have a clear sign of progress, and also slows down the improvement the rating system because surely you would not want to find all your bugs or oversights alone if you can have bunch of people who do it for you for free.
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