Hi guys, I've tried playing on the mac client (release version) and the game constantly crashes. Im playing on a macbook pro 2010 (Nvidia 320M gfx card) and the client crashes whenever there are 'intensive' graphics. For example, when you enter the game after hero load out, or when Faceless Void comes in to chrono 5 people etc. Then when you immediately restart the client, you wont be able to reconnect to the game because it will say 'finding dota 2 network'. If you wait for about 10s and then restart the client, you will be able to reconnect to the game you crashed from.

I've tried playing on a friend's macbook air (2013) and the same issue persists. So i don't believe this is hardware or gx card related.

Also, the game runs flawlessly on the test client. Strange? No crashing whatsoever!

I suspect that if you experience constant or persistent crashes (I've already seen a few threads where people describe crashes when you enter the game) please post your issue on the Github page issue #469. I think instead of making individual threads, we're likely to get more attention by contributing to a single one, assuming of course that you believe your issue is similar to the one I've described here.

Help: I've tried searching for crash logs on my steamapps folder but am unable to find it. Anyone know where it is?