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    I'm sure this thread has been made a thousands times, but here is one more.

    I have over a thousand games played in over a years playing. I am at 50% win rate. I almost always have a high kill to death ratio.
    So why am I constantly be placed with players who have under 100 wins? According to the last patch notes, it should have been putting me closer to people near my stats and experience - yet it got worse.
    And these aren't good players with 100 wins. These are terrible players who seem to be pretty new to dota.

    In the lucky chance that I catch a break(ha), instead of getting put with 3-4 people with 100 wins, I get that group of 3-4 spanish or russian on US servers.

    Does valve really think I'm this bad of player, or is the matchmaking really this broken? I feel insulted in almost every game now. I just want to abandon after 10 minutes of playing.
    After a thousand hours, I'm finally ready to uninstall the game, and it's not because of the actual game. Sucks.

    And yes, I know, I can solve this by playing in a full party. Not all of us have that many people to play with.

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    spanish people in US servers. that's something new for me
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