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Thread: Patch Antecipation Station 23/07/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keowee View Post
    i actually like Naga set - have been waiting for a loooong time for this one (since Polycount)
    The naga set is one of the ones I like too, but some of these sets are just trash (A common Lina set? Really Valve?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by patch log
    - Made hero loadout model preview bigger in the main menu.
    - Added practice lobby button to swap Radiant and Dire teams.
    - Limited number of selectable matchmaking regions to six.
    - New users are able to watch live games before completing the tutorials.
    - Wins and level are now hidden for players that aren't friends and don't have 'Share Match History' in the options enabled
    - Fixed keybindings not being saved properly for Xbox controllers
    - Added Dire courier icons to minimap for Spectators
    - Fixed a crash when selecting all units while spectating
    - Fixed dota_embers convar value being forgotten when the game is restarted
    - Spectators can select wards to see their vision or truesight radius.
    - Added Xbox controller support for Dota TV
    Left / right bumper = Cycle back or forward through the heroes on the field
    Start button = Pause (Replay only)
    Back button = Rewind (Replay only)
    D-Pad up / down = Cycle through stats dropdown menu
    D-Pad left / right = Slow down or speed up replay speed
    Y button = Show gold graph
    X button = Show XP graph
    B button = Dismiss open graphs, reset playback speed, revert camera to previous mode (after cycling heroes)

    - Reduced average wait time and reduced incidence of extremely long wait times

    - Added further explanation of International Fantasy Challenge rules.
    - Exposed the roles of players in International Fantasy Challenge Bench slots.
    - Completing the creation of an International Fantasy Challenge team now grants you the Mammoth mount for your Smeevil.
    - Completing all the Main Event Predictions now grants you the Bird mount for your Smeevil.

    - Made the chat wheel work
    - Added intro movie for new users, fixed black screen displaying for new users
    - Fixed bugs with some tooltips missing text on what abilities do
    - Fixed outline color of target units to match what Windows shows
    - Fixed some rendering issues
    - Fixed some crashes
    - A variety of performance improvements
    - Fixes to audio (silence, crashes)
    - Mac: More robust mouse grab
    - Mac: Allow setting "Unit Speech" to "All" in audio settings.
    - Linux: Fixed hang when pasting from the clipboard under certain conditions

    - Fixed some issues with base attack sound modifier (e.g. Tiny's Scepter attacks)
    - Adjusted limits on Chen ult target sounds

    - Tusk: Fixed minor inaccuracies with his Base Strength, Attack Animation and Turn Rate
    - Meepo: Fixed Geostrike not affecting units like Spirit Bear
    - Morphling: Fixed being the Replicate illusion buff icon being visible to enemy players
    - Morphling: Fixed being unable to control the first Juxtapose illusion created by your Phantom Lancer Replicate
    - Shadow Demon: Fixed Demonic Purge killing summoned units like Warlock's Golem
    - Shadow Demon: Fixed Shadow Poison damage release not having a cast point
    - Fixed a minor inaccuracy with Meepo and Ogre Magi's base armor
    Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

    Contributions i'd like to highlight:
    My Suggestion: Coaching System
    My Sticky: Intended Changes List
    My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage

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