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Thread: Aspect Ratio Bug [Xubuntu 13.04]

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    Aspect Ratio Bug [Xubuntu 13.04]

    Hello. My display has 4:3 aspect ratio, but in dota2 settings i set up 16:9 in order to see more (as a result i get black frames, but nvm). And it works perfectly. What can't be said about the Linux Dota2 client. When I set the 16:9 I got such a curved and unnatural picture, that I get dizzy.
    I think that should be fixed further.

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    I think on Windows, the drivers there support more resolutions than normal. On Linux for the most part, you just have your monitor's built-in resolutions available to you, however ugly they might be.

    The Windows drivers probably enforced the aspect ratio, while the native widescreen resolutions just fill the screen. It's not a Dota issue, but a system issue. Try checking out the driver settings for what graphics card you have, and see if you can do anything to change how the screen is displayed.

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