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Thread: [Suggestion] Backpack - Lock items in place

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    [Suggestion] Backpack - Lock items in place

    I think quite a handy feature to have with the backpack is the ability to right click any item and select an option to lock it in place.

    This way you could keep all your sets / fancy items locked to wherever you want in your backpack then easily order the rest of your items with one of the other organization features.

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    I don't really see the use for this feature since there is the option to sort items by the hero criteria, which puts your sets in order. Plus, sometimes people use the sort by rarity option, for trading purposes, so having items locked in place would have a dire effect on this.

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    I dont think you get the ida raz...its a suggestion to have the option to lock in place...those who want to sort it dont have to use the option...

    anyways..a nice suggestion...but it looks like valve allready "finished" the heros is proberly the only change you will se to the game.

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    I'd see it as an option where x slots of inventory would always be separated (at the beginning or in the end, not in the middle) and not affected by sorting. One page for example. "Locking" them in place could also mean they would get in the middle of other things which would be weird.

    Pronoob - why do you think they "finished" it?

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