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Thread: Guild Suggestion: XP bonus for guild parties to encourage guild use!

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    Levels don't matter anymore, so who cares?
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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    but still, there should be some incentive. a guild master should receive something depending how many members he has, so that he can share those things with them

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    Guilds are supposed to be a convenience feature, why artificially try to keep it relevant if people have no need for it at the core?

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    Ranked Guild Games will be good

    - Will let your Guild be Top on Board

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    -There should be some sort of bonus % exp. Not much but something.
    -There should be a separate ranked guild mmr.
    -All guild ranked mmr must consist of at least leader/co-leader/captain in party.
    -Guild system would need a slight change to be able to allow those positions and set some rule to be able to change it maybe every 2 weeks to prevent abuse.
    -Some type of restriction/fix to stop abuse of system aka people from hopping guilds/positions/etc.
    -Ranked Guild MMR is the guild's mmr. Anyone in the guild will show that guild's mmr. Every ranked guild match revolves around guiild+total party mmr. Depending on different = Amount of mmr at stake.
    -special features and cool stuff to work with guild mmr. EXAMPLE: able to put ingame banners and such to represent your guild like in pro matches.

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    we need notification option to Guild + add some colours to leaders

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