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Thread: Add a spell effect to other immortal items

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    Add a spell effect to other immortal items

    because it's really unfair that only Kunkka's sword, Pudge's Hook, and Venge's weapon change any of their spells. Abaddon's mace does literally nothing special. It's just like any normal item. LD's cauldron changes his attacks in ranged form and adds a smokey trail, but from what I've heard, it's really underwhelming plus you only get it in ranged form [edit: it doesn't even change the attacks from some pictures I have seen]. I think it's unfair to 40% of your compendium purchasers who supported TI3 and got an item that is supposed to be special but isn't really at all.

    Edit: Thanks Valve for listening to your community and improving the items even if some people in this thread didn't voice it in the most... mature manner. pls don't disband volvo <3
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